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Sat Jul 20 09:33:09 2019


samedi 20 juillet 2019, 09:33:09 (UTC+0200)

green Checking if name servers authoritative and the SOA serial numbers match in 3 domains
green Checking for empty data Files
green Scan Log files for error or warning messages

Full Results
checking 3 domains

checking domain... makelofine.org
home.makelofine.org has serial number 2019061501
ns300409.ip-91-121-31.eu has serial number 2019061501
ns.kimsufi.com has serial number 2019061501
checking domain... galey-ariege.fr
home.makelofine.org has serial number 2018060501
ns.kimsufi.com has serial number 2018060501
ns.makelofine.org has serial number 2018060501
checking domain... duospiral.com
home.makelofine.org has serial number 2018071801
ns.kimsufi.com has serial number 2018071801
ns.makelofine.org has serial number 2018071801

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